Making sense of your inner life and lived experience

Therapy is a living creation. Each treatment is unique, co-constructed in the relationship between the therapist and each client. Our work will be grounded in sound clinical principles, but your healing path belongs only to you and the dynamic collaboration we create together.

My work is grounded in relational therapy, meaning it arises between the two people sitting across from one another. I create a safe, non-judgemental space where, together, we form an alliance that will lead to increased understanding of your inner life, and your outer experience. All of us enter the world of relationship to others with an imprinting, an “attachment style” that impacts the way we relate to ourselves and to others. By learning about your attachment patterns, we will discover your emotional triggers, understand your problems in living, and address the issues with which you struggle.

Our work will focus on understanding the complex factors that influence your self esteem, identity and ways of relating. Processing early life issues, in the here and now, can greatly enhance your ability to self soothe, increase connection to others, and lead a more fulfilling life.

My specialties include complex trauma, recovery from relational or narcissistic abuse, living with chronic pain and working with “out-of-control-sexual behavior,” also known as sex addiction. I apply psychodynamic principles to trauma informed care, in a healing space that promotes increased acceptance, self awareness, curiosity and compassion.

Relational Psychotherapy

Each therapeutic relationship is a unique, living creation, available only to the two individuals in the room. While my work is grounded in sound clinical technique and theory, my relationship to making sense with you of your inner world, your current problems in living and your goals for the future is co-constructed in our moment to moment interaction with each other.

Together, we will create a roadmap of your path to healing. Learning to understand the inner dialogue you have with yourself, as well as your reaction to stress, depression and anxiety will guide us in pacing and creating the treatment that is appropriate for you.

Attachment styles and patterns live within all of us, and are imprinted, literally, on our psyche, from our earliest life. Learning about the way you attach, to yourself and to others, can guide our understanding of your particular issues. Acceptance, curiosity and compassion are cornerstones of healing. Working through your stress, emotional triggers and tuning into your mind/body connection can lead us to understand the ways in which you can achieve increased emotional regulation, lessen depression and anxiety, and better understand your chronic symptoms. This journey will help you create your own narrative, better self understanding and increased coping mechanisms, moving your toward a fuller, more realized life.

I work with depression and anxiety, complex trauma, out-of-control-sexual-behaviors, and chronic illness. I practice from a trauma-informed approach, which incorporates an understanding of the autonomic systems within each of us that can lead to triggers, acting out and unhealthy relational patterns. Survivors of emotional abuse, narcissistic abuse, sexual trauma, and other forms of relational hurt will find a safe, nurturing space to heal and to process unresolved and ongoing trauma.

I work with individuals, couples and groups. Check out the “about me” page to learn more. I wish you strength and compassion on your healing path.