My practice welcomes people from all villages

“That you need a village, if only for the pleasure of leaving it. Your own village means that you’re not alone, that you know there’s something of you in the people and the plants and the soil, that even when you are not there it waits to welcome you.”
by, Cesare Pavese

Welcome. Together, we begin the journey of “making sense” of your lived experience, your inner life and your drive to improve and understand your problems in living. We live in relationship to ourselves, each other and the larger world. Within each of us, I believe, despite suffering or anxieties, is a core identity capable of making meaning of our different self-states, attachment patterns, and relational styles. Psychotherapy is a healing tool and a journey toward self acceptance, growth and meaning-making. Trauma destroys meaning. Each of us lives our own unique life and experiences our own lived big T, and little T, traumas in relation to self, other and world. Our adaptation to trauma or difficulty is dictated by the survival principle; we create, adapt and shift to survive. In our work, I hope we will discover these lived parts of you and create something new, beyond survival and alonessess in the quest of becoming more whole, less alone and more truly yourself.

No diagnosis, whether depression, or anxiety, or chronic illness, captures the unique experience of each person. Terms that relate to mental illness or qualify your mental health may be useful in assessing symptom severity, creating for us immediate goals to help calm things down in your daily life. Beyond that, no two people experience life or struggle the same way. Each individual is uniquely comprised of his/her/their own attachment styles, relationship issues, ways of living, strengths and resources and yes, anxieties. Diagnosis, assessment and treatment planning are important tools, in any therapueitc encounter, and we are outcome oriented, in the sense of reducing symptoms, identifying self-destructive patterns and the like.

Our first task will be creating an alliance, a co-construction, of understanding you, your goals and your differing expressions of you.

We all live in multiple domains, have countless little histories, and present different sides of ourselves in different paradigms of living. The you that goes to work may not be the same presentation as the self that goes to the market. While this may seem strange, or even un-healthy, it is not. Getting to know yourself, in all your differing manifestations of “YOU” will help us understand your current triggers, your emotional vulnerabilities and the core beliefs you carry about yourself and your capacity to thrive.

I am honored to join in this endeavor with you. Together, we will make sense of the villages you pass through and we will create a safe, shame free village of our own.

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